Thanks for joining the SC 106 which turned out to be a great day for golf with good weather, lots of happy faces and even pretty good golf all around.

First Congratulations to Joni Santala, who won both the ScanCup and Best Gross and even the Gadelius Big Lottery prize. Practically a clean sweep in other words.
He opened with a 39 and a total of 84 gross. Gösta Tyrefors, came in second with a very good 35 points and close third was Stefan Gustafsson with 33 points.

As mentioned, the Gadelius Big Lottery winner was Joni Santala. Huge thanks again to Gösta Tyrefors and Gadelius for the stupendous voucher of 100,000 yen! Very appreciated.
The second lottery – for a full sized golf bag – went to Pekka Sommarberg. We hope he will have good use for it.

The Near-pins were won by Clas B, Gösta T and Joni S (also the winner of the “Dorakon” or longest drive).

Once again thanks for joining, we need to promote and let all Nordic/Scandinavian golfers know about our tournament so please spread the word.