The 111th Scandinavian Cup will be played on Wednesday June 8 at Nanso Country Club, West Course.

If you are interested in playing in the tournament or wish to join our mailing list, please contact Carl Eklund or register on our Sign Up page or FaceBook page.

Date: Wednesday June 8, 9:15 ~
Venue: Nanso CC, West Course
Participation fee: Around ¥15,000 + participation fee

Requirements for participation:

Scandinavian Cup is open for all Nordic and Scandinavian nationals including spouses and children of Scandinavian nationals. We also accept some guest players upon request. Representatives from the Nordic countries are doing their best make sure the tradition continues, so please help us to find Scandinavian new-comers which you are most welcome to invite.


We try to keep the playing at 15,000 yen or less which includes one round, lunch and party plan. Sometimes drinks and other purchases come in addition. Please pay the total amount before you leave the Club. There’s usually also a small competition fee of 1-2000 yen per player .


We play the Stableford system  and in order to give everybody a fair chance, please advise your present handicap (hcp), or your three latest scores and your Stableford points or show your official hcp-card.

Maximum handicap in the competition is 30 for men and 36 for ladies.

Both the men and women can play for the main Scandinavian Cup but ladies also have a second chance to win a separate Ladies Cup. The current trophy is the 5th which was donated by Calle Eklund in 2008.

We play for for Best Gross, Near Pins, Long Drives (Dorakon) and a few more prizes.

Please arrive at the Club by 8:00, and let us know should you run late.


  • Please putt out, no “OKs” allowed…
  • Max score is double par + 1 ( par 3’s = max 7; par 4’s = max 9; par 5’s = max 11)6
  • See our Official Rules page for more information.